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Goat Cheese Burger with Fire-roasted Red Pepper, Crispy Onions, and Sun-dried Tomato Butter on Toasted Bun

367 Alhambra Circle
Coral Gables, 33146


The thanksgiving festivities are finally over, and thank God, because I feel as if I have consumed at least twice my body weight in stuffing over the past week! As I polished off the last little piece of pumpkin pie with my breakfast yesterday (don’t judge…all is fair during thanksgiving), I swore to myself that I would begin some sort of healthy eating regiment to restore my body to its normal proportions. Keep in mind I said this yesterday, and then where did I find myself today? One Burger—my favorite little burger spot in Miami.

Its official…I have no self-control whatsoever when it comes to food. Granted, One Burger also makes it difficult to have self-control because it is just so delicious!!

One Burger is a tiny little restaurant located near Miracle Mile in Coral Gables, but it is not hard to find because the all-black façade makes it stand out. The design of the restaurant is very modern and youthful in appearance, with a bold, monochromatic black & white color scheme. But where the colors are lacking, the flavors most certainly aren’t. One Burger offers a variety of gourmet beef, chicken, turkey, seafood, and vegetarian burgers, in addition to a broad range of inventive salads and chicken sandwiches.

As far as burgers go, my favorite is the Goat Cheese Burger, which is a standard beef patty, topped with creamy goat cheese, fire-roasted red peppers, crispy fried onions, sun-dried tomato butter, and mixed greens on a toasted bun. I love goat cheese on anything, and so to have it on my burger is simply divine. The soft textures of the cheese and roasted peppers contrast nicely with the crispy fried onions, which aren’t too overdone. I have also had the Spicy Mex Chicken Burger, which I really enjoyed too. I’m not usually too much of a chicken burger or turkey burger person (I have a “go big, or go home” philosophy when it comes to burgers), but I was pleasantly surprised when I ordered it. It is a ground chicken patty topped with cheddar cheese, jalapeno salsa, and a spicy chipotle-adobo spread serve don a toasted bun.

When I’m not in the mood or a burger, I order the El Spicy Chicken Sandwich, which is a-w-e-s-o-m-e. You have your choice of grilled, fried, or blackened chicken (I get blackened) that is the served with cheddar cheese, sliced avocado, green-leaf lettuce, tomato, and spicy chipotle-adobo spread on a toasted bun. I actually get cravings for this sandwich!!

And of course, what would a burger place be without fries?! One Burger offers plain french fries, spicy french fries, sweet potato fries, yucca fries, and onion rings. The sweet potato fries and spicy fries are my top picks, and if you have room for a little something sweet after you eat, the Oreo Milkshake is incredible.

The only warning that I have is that the name is a little misleading, because I rarely get out of there with just eating one burger. I more often than not make it a two-burger kind of meal!  (No, this does not mean the portions are tiny…I am just a food whore).

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Beer and Burger Joint ****

The Mother Burger

Mary Brickell Village
901 South Miami Ave
Miami, Fl 33130
(Also Located In South Beach)


I discovered Beer and Burger Joint this past week, and I have already been three times! I attribute this both to my addictive personality and the incredible food that they serve. The concept is simple—massive burgers, with gourmet toppings, for a very reasonable price (average burger costing between $10 and $12). Of course there are also some specialty burgers on the menu that can get expensive, such as the Stairway to Heaven Burger, which costs about $39. But that burger comes loaded with 10 oz of kobe beef, 3 oz of foie gras, a black truffle demi, on a brioche bun, and is served with duck fat fries. It’s your 3 square meals for the day in just 1 sitting! My personal favorite however, is the vegetarian Dear Prudenceburger, which is two thick portabella mushroom caps, roasted red peppers, fresh mozzarella, arugala, tomato, and garlic parmesan cheese, served on a ciabatta roll. It is the largest portabella burger that I have ever seen, and I love it particularly for all the fun condiments that it is served with (I might have mentioned in former blog posts, that foodies like myself are condiment people by nature). It comes a side of walnut-basil pesto, a roasted garlic bulb, and zucchini fries that are accompanied by a creamy dill dipping sauce. The whole plate is just an assortment of deliciousness.

For the most part, each burger is paired with its own unique variation on the french fry. Options include:onion rings, mushroom fries, skinny fries, zucchini fries, duck fat fries, and sweet potato fries. The skinny fries are by far my favorite, and the duck fat fries confuse me and scare me a little, to be quite honest. If you’re not feeling called by any of the suggested burgers on the menu, then there is always the option to create your own custom burger. You get to build it from scratch, choosing your meat, bun, sauce, and toppings, but this is definitely not the cost friendly option because it does get expensive. And for those of you who wish that you could be Adam Richman from Man v. Food, you can challenge your stomachs with Beer and Burger’s Mother Burger. I believe that they describe it best on their menu:

“The Mother Of All Burgers! A Ginormous Beast The Size Of A Manhole Cover And Sandwiched In A Bun That Resembles A Couch Cushion! Order One For The Table Or Finish It Yourself Within 2 Hours And It’s Free! Serious Eaters Only Need Apply…” 10 Lb. Of Our Natural Freshly Ground Angus Beef Choose One Cheese-Two Topping-One Sauce-Two Sides. Please Allow 25 Minutes to cook.”

If you do decide to take on this epic food challenge, make sure that you’re hungry because if you don’t finish the whole thing in 2 hours, then you are responsible for the bill, which is a staggering $75. However, if you do complete the challenge, then Beer and Burger will pay for your tremendous stomachache…isn’t that nice?

Dear Prudence Burger served with Zucchini Fries


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JG Melon *****

Cheeseburger on Toasted Bun

1291 3rd Ave, New York 10021
(Corner of 74th and 3rd)


[food orgasm (n): the reaction a person makes after taking a bite of a dish that they find especially delicious. A food orgasm usually includes one or more of the following: tilting the head back, rolling the eyes upward, gasping, moaning, and/or cooing.]

This morning, at the obscene hour of 6 am, my boyfriend and I left for New York City to celebrate my 21st birthday.The trip was a surprise gift from him and he knew that the only way to get me out of bed in time for the flight would be to bribe me with the promise of food…and not just any food…but a burger from JG Melon (he knows how I operate).So he coaxed me out of the house reminding me that the sooner we got to NY, the sooner I would be devouring my favorite burger.It worked and when we finally got to JG Melon, we were told as usual that there was a wait.But this is one wait I never mind for the following reasons:


A)I believe all truly good food is worth the wait—and this burger is the best!


B) The line moves quickly because the dinning area is very small and people don’t want to linger in the semi-claustrophobic space.

C)The walls are decorated with every type of watermelon artwork (including a watermelon handbag, which I noticed for the first time on this trip!), and so your distracted while you wait.

But lets get to the food!! The menu is incredibly small, but it doesn’t matter because the burger is the only thing you need to order…in addition to a side of cottage fries of course!! What’s a burger without the fries?!? The burger has no fancy toppings, but it is delicious in its simplicity.It is a thick juicy patty and you have the option to add cheddar cheese, bacon, or both.I always ask for sautéed onions too, but this is not a place that you can get high maintenance with your order.I once asked for sautéed mushrooms on my burger and the waitress went into a long speech on how the cooks are too busy to be bothered by such a special request (Why it’s too difficult to add some mushrooms to the pan they are already cooking my onions in, I don’t know…but I’ve never asked again).Every burger does come with pickles and raw red onion on the side though, and the bun is PERFECTLY toasted. When you finish, you’ll wish that you could rewind and experience this meal all over again….it is a food orgasm and in my opinion the greatest burger to be found. But make sure to stop at an ATM before you go to JG Melon because they only accept cash….thats right, NO CREDIT CARDS!!! But a 20 spot will do it because the burger is only about $9 and the cottage fries are $4.25. Enjoy!!

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