Miss Saigon Bistro **


Steamed Rice Noodles (Bun) with Lemongrass Curry Chicken and Spring Rolls over Lettuce, Bean Sprouts, Shaved Carrots, Cilantro, Mint, Chopped Peanuts, and Lime

148 Giralda Ave
Coral Gables, Fl 33146


I have been so behaved on this ridiculous diet, but today I cracked. I got the taste of carbs on my tongue on binge day and haven’t been able to get the thought of them out of my head since. I can go without sugar, I can go without dairy, I can even go without sex, but please, for the love of all that is good in this world, don’t take away my carbs!!!

Now, in my own defense, I didn’t succumb to my carb craving easily—it was a slow and steady build up of temptation throughout the day. I went to work and my favorite sandwich (chipotle chicken ciabatta) was on the menu as a lunch special. I had to watch customers order and rave about how delicious the sandwich was while I carried my spinach salad without dressing to back rooms for lunch. Then in my evening class, my teacher decided to treat the entire class to pizza. Not only did I have to watch everyone scarfing down their cheesy hot slices of deliciousness, but I also had to endure the rest of the 3 hour lecture in a room that smelled like a pizza shop (with my belly burning in hunger, might I add!).

I was so tormented by these temptations that I packed up my things and left class early to go get myself a Vietnamese Bun. No one wanted to join me, but not even the awkwardness of eating alone came between me and my noodle dish. I drove over to Miss Saigon Bistro near Miracle Mile in Coral Gables and got a table for one.

I ordered the Bun (steamed rice noodles) with Lemongrass Curry Chicken and Spring Rolls, which also contains Bean Sprouts, Cilantro, Mint, Shaved Carrots, Green Onions, Shredded Lettuce, Roasted Peanuts, and Lime. The average portion of this dish is enormous (and it was here too, as you can see in the photo), so I figured I would eat half the dish and take the other half to go, but I didn’t put my chopsticks down till every noodle was in my belly—a screw you to my carb-free diet.

As for the quality of the food, it wasn’t very good. The meat was nicely flavored (make sure that you ask for all white meat if you get chicken), but the dish itself lacked flavor. The noodles weren’t the vermicelli noodles that I have grow accustomed to eating at Vietnamese restaurants at home, and the dish overall was disappointing (even though it satisfied my carb craving). I think I was most upset though when the check came because the Bun for one came to $17, which is ludicrous. I am used to getting the same size portion but better quality for just $7 at home. In conclusion, I left feeling guilty for having cheated on my diet, and mad for having paid $17 for that guilt.

I wouldn’t recommend Miss Saigon Bistro, but since it is one of the few Vietnamese places in Miami, it will probably stay in business by default for a many years to come. If anyone can suggest an alternative Vietnamese restaurant in Miami, please leave it in a comment response, because I crave Pho like a sick kid craves chicken noodle soup.

**In regards to the diet, I did feel significantly more energetic after consuming the carbs and was able to have a powerhouse workout later that evening, which I wasn’t capable of when eating strictly protein. I also was in a much happier mood and felt entirely less lethargic.


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2 responses to “Miss Saigon Bistro **

  1. Anonymous

    Could give Pho Thang a try. Off US1 and 160th St. Fairer in price, hit or miss but after I found Pho Thang, I no longer needed to return to Miss Saigon.

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