Grand Marnier Crepe Stand *****

Grand Marnier Crepe with Nutella and Sugar

Today I woke up and had the most ridiculous craving for a crepe. Of course, I’m not really sure if it was for the actual crepe or the nutella that I put on it, but none-the-less I knew what I wanted. So I walked over to the little French café by my apartment and ordered a fabulous breakfast consisting of a nutella-filled crepe and a frothy cappuccino. I was so excited to take my first bite, but found myself incredibly disappointed when I did. You see, I haven’t had a crepe since my recent trip to France and now I’m seriously worried that I’ll never enjoy another crepe again because nothing could ever compare.

Since my breakfast wasn’t blog worthy, I have chosen instead to write about the world’s most incredible crepe. Like most good things, you can’t get it easily…in fact, you’ll have to travel to the South of France to enjoy this mouth-watering delicacy. It is found at the Grand Marnier crepe stand in the bustling beach town of Antibes. The store front is nothing extravagant, but you definitely won’t overlook it because the line of people will certainly catch you’re attention. Of course, they offer several different kinds of dessert crepes, but I kept it simple and ordered a The Grand Marnier with Nutella. The Grand Marnier added just the right amount of flavor and the warm nutella oozed out with every bite (ideal for finger-licking). It was served with sprinkled sugar crystals that had almost caramelized on the outside and it had its own little pair of plastic tongs, which I seriously considered keeping as a souvenir! This crepe was unlike anything I have ever had, and probably better than anything I will ever have again…sadly. I guess this just gives me an excuse to find my way back to France this summer!

If you are ever in the South of France, I seriously recommend that you pay a visit to Antibes (it’s a beautiful beach) and get a crepe. It will revolutionize your definition of delicious.

Grand Marnier Deliciousness in the Making

Ariana and I Being Touristy

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