Patagonia ****

Assorted Empanadas at Patagonia

260 Crandon Blvd
Key Biscayne, Fl 33149
(Other Locations Available)


Today I ran my first 5 k. It’s been on my bucket list for a couple of years now, and tonight I got to cross it off…go me! I must confess that it wasn’t actually as difficult as I thought it was going to be, but I sure was scared as hell when my roommate and I first pulled into the parking lot where the race was to begin. We pull up and notice that there are people who have literally run to the race, instead of driving to it. They have showed up to the 5 k and it looks like they have already run a 10 k. They are at the registration stand huffing and puffing and all red in the face, and they haven’t even received their number tag yet. God damn over achievers. Then as my roommate and I are registering, we are surrounded by those token die-hard athletes who are stretching in crazy Yoga-like positions and psyching themselves up for the run. I just kept thinking 5 k only means 3 miles right? I mean these people just looked too serious for whatever I was about to do; we were clearly not the same caliber of athlete.

At this point I am attempting to pin my little number paper to the front of my shirt (aka sticking myself in the belly with the pin several times), when I hear a horn go off and notice about 200 people running towards me. I turn to Ariana and we agree that yes, the race has started without us and we need to move before we are stampeded. We are told that we have to start at the beginning of the line and so we start running towards the runners who are running towards us. They must have thought we missed the memo or something. We are the last people to start the race, but we pass about half of the runners before the first mile. We finished the race in under 30 min and as soon as I crossed the finish line I turned to Ariana and said, “Foooooood….I want an empanada!”

So we headed back to the car (I felt so bad for all the people who ran here and now had to run home) and we drove to Patagonia, which is a little Argentinean café slash market. Bottom line is that it has the best empanadas that I have ever tasted. I ordered my three favorites; The Chorizo, The Spicy Beef, and the Capresealong with a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice. The reason that I love these empanadas so much is because of the pastry dough that they wrap the meat in. It is so buttery and flaky, and a beautiful shade of golden brown. The spicy beef is my favorite, but spice haters beware, because it is actually spicy. Ariana thought it was too spicy and gave me hers (jackpot!) but she loved the chorizo one (unfortunately for her, I didn’t reciprocate and give her one of my empanadas, I took the spicy one as a gift!). It was an incredible meal to celebrate our accomplishment…wejust sat there outside all sweaty and limp, chowing down our South American breakfast together at 8 am—perfect way to start a day!

***Note: The 4 star rating applies to the empanadas only. I ahve tried some of the other entree-type foods here such as the Chicken Milanesa and the Skirt Steak with Chimichurri, but I would rate those as very basic and average…probably about 3 stars.


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