The Coffee Shop ****

29 Union Sq. West, New York 10003
(At 16th)


This morning my boyfriend and I were supposed to go and see the Statue of Liberty, which he got tickets for as part of my birthday gift (note that I said supposed to). I have been wanting to go for a while and we thought it would be extra special since it was Memorial day and all. Well the tickets were for 12 O’clock in the afternoon, which is not early for the average person I suppose, but as we watched the sunrise that morning after my birthday celebration (in our going out clothes from the night before  and still drinking wine) we realized that waking up at 12 O’clock was just never going to happen…and it didn’t. It wasn’t until 5 O’clock in the evening that we finally found ourselves waking up and leaving the apartment to go grab our first meal. We headed to Union Square where we were meeting up with his brother again, and we decided to eat at a place called The Coffee Shop.

I had very low expectations for the food since the name of the place indicated that was more of a beverage spot, but I was very pleasantly surprised to enjoy a great meal. The place is decorated like a diner inside and there is some great outdoor sidewalk seating as well (so great that we couldn’t get a table!). My boyfriend was telling me that it is rumored that the waitresses are supposed to all be models or something…granted that many of them are anorexically thin, we did not think this rumor remains true there today, maybe just something of the past.

I ordered the Chicken Paillard, which was seasoned perfectly and enormous…I kid you not, it covered my entire plate (of course that didn’t stop me from finishing it all though!). It was topped with a very nice arugala salad with cherry tomatoes, tossed in a light red wine vinaigrette. My boyfriend had the Chicken Fajitas, which was also a huge portion and really good (a little oily though).

The food is pretty good here, nothing memorable or unique, but still good. You can tell from the menu that the place is definitely Brazilian because they serve Ropa Vieja, Tamales, Fajitas Rio Style, and Sopa De Piexe Bahia…so I would order that route. Ohh and the coffee is delicious!! I had one of the best cappuccinos ever after my lunch…now that was memorable! This place gets four stars because the food is so unassumingly delicious and the coffee is divine.

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