Gardner’s Market *****

Gardner's Market Bird Road

3117 Bird Avenue, Miami 33133
Also Locations at: Pinecrest & Coral Gables



This morning I woke up and said goodbye to the heat and humidity of Miami as I headed to the airport to catch my flight to my hometown, Philadelphia. I rushed my boyfriend out of bed and out of the house not even letting him shower, reminding him that my having time for one last meal in Miami was imperative…a “last supper” of sorts! I knew exactly what I wanted too, a Tuscan Sandwich from Gardner’s Market.

As far as prepared foods go, Gardner’s is the simply best. No joke, I’m there about four or five days a week.Gardners is a small market with a decent selection of groceries and produce, but their specialty is really prepared foods, which range from soups and sandwiches to turkey piccatta and twice-baked potatoes (not to mention their ridiculous salad bar). Everyday there is a selection of four homemade soups and some of my favorites are the Wild Mushroom Bisque (orgasmic…but rich), the Turkey Chili (a staple meal in my boyfriend’s diet), and the Butternut Squash BisqueAll of the soups are amazing though and you can sample any (or all) of them on your own before deciding which one to get!

Gardner’s Market also makes the best sandwiches. They use the best gourmet ingredients to make their sandwiches and have about 20 different combinations to choose from, or you can always create your own! My personal favorite is the Tuscan Sandwich, which has sliced chicken breast (not lunch meat, but actual grilled chicken breast!), spring mix, goat cheese, tomato, and pesto served on Ciabatta bread. Another great one is theNapa, which has grilled vegetables (cold), tomatoes, goat cheese, and balsamic vinaigrette. It is served on whole wheat French bread, but I find that the soft bread becomes soggy with the vinaigrette so I always get Ciatbatta instead and add pesto (yummm!). Gardners also makes a few hot sandwiches such as The Jeremy,which is roast beef, cheddar cheese, and spicy aioli all melted on Ciabatta bread. Now if you find yourself torn between ordering a sandwich or a soup as I often do, Gardners offers a solution. You can get a ½ sandwich (any sandwich…even modified if you want) and a small soup for just $4.99!!!! And this special runs all day, not just during lunch. However, it is NOT advertised anywhere in the store (probably because it’s not profitable…at that price it can’t be) so you just have to ask for half a sandwich at the sandwich bar, and they will gladly make you the special. That’s the other thing about Gardners, the people who work there are super friendly and will do just about anything to get your order right. The way that they make their sandwiches is so meticulous that it is almost an art form. They cut up all the vegetables tiny, and space out all of the ingredients evenly so that every bite taste the same. It’s perfection!

On days that you want a lighter option, Gardner’s Market has one of the most incredible salad bars that I have ever seen. They have every topping imaginable, along with a great selection of gourmet pasta salads and homemade dressings (no “Wish-Bone” salad dressing packets here!). Everything is kept clean, stocked, and cold at the salad bar, so you don’t have to worry about the chicken or feta cheese that you’re putting on your salad being spoiled.

Oh, and I forgot to mention the Gourmet Burgers, which my boyfriend and I just discovered about a month ago. They are available at the sandwich counter upon request every day and they are delicious! They start with a ½ pound freshly cooked beef patty and then all the condiments of your choice come free, including bacon and/or cheddar cheese. It is served on a fresh Kaiser roll and costs just $6.99!

Basically, you can’t go wrong at Gardener’s Market so try any and everything and I promise you won’t be disappointed.


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  2. Meg

    I HIGHLY recommend the sandwiches (among other delicious things) at Tabora Farms in Chalfont. The “Vegan Delight” is incredible!

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